Saturday, May 9, 2009

Night out in London

Amanda, a British friend living in New York, happened to be in London visiting. Perfect timing!
We stopped by a local pizza restaurant, The Yard. Hung and I shared a Duck pizza!

The quest for WiFi in Paris continues. The price for WiFi at our hotel is over the top, so we continue to seek out places giving away free WiFi. This morning, we are sitting at the local McDonald's. WiFi--Free and Coffee -- 1 Euro, bargains in the this expensive city.

Hopefully we'll have better connectivity in Italy. We leave for Paris tomorrow. Overnight train departs from Gare de Lyon around 10:00 pm and arrives at Milano Central at 5:30 am. *

*Editorial note: We have just been informed that all trains to Milan sold out on Sunday (we were skeptical but the three ticket agents we talked to were firm on this) So tomorrow we are headed to the South of France. Destination for one night, Nice.


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