Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday, we took the train from Nice, France to Lake Como, Italy. As we stepped off the train, I felt as though I had been placed into a postcard. We are staying in one of the most beautiful areas I've ever seen--a town named Bellagio. Bellagio is a little town located on a narrow strip of land that divides Lake Como into two branches. The "streets" are mainly pebbly, steep staircases that wander through a village built into the hillside. Since it is early May, tourist season isn't in full swing. Most of the people we are passing on the street are local. Life here feels unhurried and peaceful.

Hung takes a nap as we depart Nice and French Riviera. The train from Nice to Milan followed the coastline for most of the journey. A scenic four hour train ride. To be efficient we usually prefer night trains, but the view is worth travel by day.

View from the train window.

A town on the shores of lake Como.

Getting off the train in Varenna. A one hour train ride from Milan.
On the ferry from our Varenna to Bellagio.
Dinner starts with Melon and Prosciutto. We ate at a small restaurant named, San Giacomo. We were told that in the middle of summer, the waits for one of the eight tables can be long.
Pebbly steep stairs. Beautiful.
Happy after a dinner of good pasta and vino. I am on my way to call my dad using Skype. If we have a WiFi connection, I can make calls using the Skype Application on the iPhone. I was able to talk to Jason last night for pennies a minute--technology amazes me!

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