Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ready. Set. GO!

Only one hour until our friend Ken picks us up for the trip to the airport. (Ken has been amazing with the offers to shuttle us from the airport!) I'm so nervous and excited for this trip. I guess I'm nervous because this will be our longest and most foreign trip. When we were traveling in the U.S., I knew we had our car packed for every contingency and if we needed something a Wal-Mart was never more than 3 miles away. I must keep reminding myself, there will be stores along the way and maybe I'll want to pick something up as a souvenir. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I needed to buy new soap in Paris or a sweater in Italy!

Our big bag and my backpack. Hung is also packing a back pack and much smaller suitcase!


Pam Little said...

I guess by now you two are far off in a foreign country! Sorry I didn't see you to say good bye. I'll be checking your blog every now and then and look forward to reading about all of your new adventures. Be safe! Pam

Carol said...

Oh how I understand the luxury of Wal-mart...I am lost without it. No worries, guys are BUIS!!! and you are resilient. Just pretend you're on the amazing race or survivor, and you can make it!