Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After 29 Days on the road...There is no place like home

HOME! I didn't know how much I missed our home until we walked in the front door this evening. Traveling and seeing new places is exciting and wonderful but the comforting familiarity of home can't be found any where but here.

Our flight home from Frankfurt was pretty uneventful. We left Frankfurt at 11:40 am and landed in Charlotte at 3:30 pm--with the time change 9 hours on the plane. Our Airbus 330 was equipped with on demand t.v. and movies, so I spent the majority of my time catching up on box office bombs. I had been dreading the long flight but it went by pretty quickly. I'm surprised we weren't stopped for extra questioning at customs, because I was down right giddy about being on American soil. Luckily, my extreme exuberance didn't set off any alarm bells and we were through customs and baggage claim in record time. Waiting for us as we exited the terminal was our wonderful friend Ken, who had generously offered to pick us up.

Picture from a couple years ago--Ken, Hung's sister Carol and us.

In the last few hours, I've sorted through our box of mail, been to the grocery store and started cooking a beef stew. The stew will need to simmer for the next several hours but I figured it will be ready when our jet lagged bodies tell us it is time to eat. Besides the house smells better when something is cooking. While I was cooking, Hung offered to represent us at our annual home owners meeting which was held tonight. I had wanted to go and see our neighbors but had spent so much time running around that I was still wearing my travel clothes. I figured nobody needed to see the grudgy road warrior.

Lots of updates are overdue. But I'll save those until tomorrow.

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