Monday, November 3, 2008

UConn Dairy Bar

We continued driving south after our weekend in Ipswich. On our way through Connecticut we made a quick detour to University of Connecticut to visit the baby of the Salah family, Christiana. Christiana is at UConn attending grad school and teaching a freshman composition class. We had a great visit with Christiana and were able to experience one of the gems of the UConn campus--The Dairy Bar.

The UConn dairy bar opened in the 1950's to sell products made by the University's creamery. The Dairy Bar features a retro ice cream parlor theme and an observation window for viewing the ice cream making process. You might be asking, Why does a university have a creamery? UConn has a large agricultural program. The milk used to make all the ice cream actually comes from the cows standing out in the field next to the dairy bar. The ice cream is amazing...I'm lucky I didn't have something like this during my university days...that freshman fifteen would have easily turned into the freshman thirty.

My cup of classic chocolate. The dairy's most popular flavor: Jonathan Supreme, named for the school's current Husky mascot, swirls peanut butter through vanilla ice cream and adds chocolate-covered peanuts.

Hung and Christiana all smiles after their ice cream. If you look really close, you'll see the cows out grazing in the field.


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