Saturday, October 25, 2008

When did I get this old?

Even though I turned 30 this year, I sometimes feel like I'm still a kid. Who am I trying to fool, I feel like a little kid all the time. Prime example: I still go on an annual vacation with my parents to Disney World and Love It. However over the last three weeks, there were two occasions when I was made completely aware of the passing of time.

Hanging with Poppy in her office

The first time I felt my age was during our stop at Hung & I's alma mater, Colby College. While on campus, I visited with a young woman currently working in the alumni relations office. A young woman whom I babysat when I was in college! I met Palmer back when I was a college freshman, and she was only ten years old. Her mother also graduated from Colby, so when she needed babysitters, she thought of Colby students. During my four years on Mayflower Hill, I babysat for Palmer and her two sisters a couple afternoons a week. Those afternoons were such bright spots in my week--helping Palmer, Kate, and Alex with their homework was the perfect study break for a stressed college student. As I sat in Palmer's office, I couldn't stop remembering the sparkling little girl that we used to call Poppy and was overjoyed to see the beautiful and smart young woman that she has become.

Liam Douglas Turns 1

I also recently attended the 1st birthday party of a special baby named Liam. Liam is the son of my little brother's best friend. The birthday boy was celebrating his birthday by eating his chocolate cake while his father assembled all the presents that he received. As I watched the proud dad, I couldn't stop my mind from flashing back to when my little brother (Jason) and his best friend (Opie) spent their summers building forts and generally running amuck. When Liam smiles his toothy grin, I know where he gets that happy demeanor because I was able to watch his dad grow up. My heart melted when I saw little Liam look up at his dad with love.

When Hung and I complete this year's travel, we hope to start our family. This house needs a new kid!
-- amb

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