Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Photo Update

Dinner with my brother

The past couple days have been a wonderful whirl of visits with friends and family, so we haven't had much time to write. To keep us current, I've uploaded some photos from the weekend.

  • The view from my brother's apartment in Nyack, New York.  Nyack is a beautiful town located on the shores of the Hudson River, 30 miles north of Manhattan.

  • Standing at the end of the Pier in Piermont, NY

  • On Saturday, I joined some girlfriends for a vineyard tour on the East end of Long Island.  All around gorgeous day!
  • A visit with a very happy baby Sophie.  

  • With Jason at the Palisades Shopping center.  This mall is giant!  In addition to zillions of shops it has a ferris wheel, ice skating rink, imax movie theater, bowling alley, sports club, and climbing wall.  

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