Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lobster Feast

In light of the current lobster crisis in Maine, Hung and I felt it was our duty to support my home state. We stopped at a local Brunswick lobstershack and Foster's Clambake in York to fill up our Coleman Cooler with enough fresh, delectable Maine lobsters for a feast. Hung had the idea of eating one giant lobster of the 5 lb variety instead of having multiple 1.0+ lb lobsters. Either the season had past or neither of our sellers had the giant crustaceans Hung craved.

I was so excited to arrive at Alexis and Craig's home in Newton, MA. Alexis and I have been friends since our senior year of college--hard to believe but it has been 9 years. After we graduated from Colby, we shared an apartment (with Amanda too!) in New York. I loved growing up and sharing my twenties with them. Unfortunately, the last year has been busy for both of us and I haven't seen Alexis since her wedding over a year ago.

The Friday night Boston traffic was heavy but we slowly made our way south and arrived a little after 7 pm. Upon arrival, we quickly unloaded the essentials and took a tour. Alexis and Craig moved into their new house at the beginning of the summer, I was so impressed with how settled and well decorated their house was. Hung and I have lived in our condo for over two years and we are still trying to figure out paint colors! To Hung's delight and envy, their home was equipped with a wood-burning fireplace!

The best part about bringing lobsters to the Greiner's--they are awesome cooks! Craig quickly took over the care of the lobsters. Within minutes the table was filled with perfectly steamed lobsters, mixed greens tossed with vinaigrette, and red skinned-parsley potatoes. To finish off our perfect meal, Alexis served up a delicious apple pie.


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