Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jason is the MAN; Amie Is TRICKY!

I was excited to visit Amie's little brother, Jason, in Nyack, NY. Though he has only recently began his first job after college and lives in an approximately 600 square foot studio, Jason rolled out his very best red carpet for us. He insisted that we take his bed while he inflated the air mattress for himself. His studio was clean, well-organized, and he even had coffee and tea ready to brew. Jason is just beginning his career and making his way toward financial independence. He has what I had at 22 years of age -- not much. Jason offered everything that he could. I have faith that Jason's generosity and kindness will guide him successfully through life. 

During the first evening, we realized that Jason had only a single pillow. As we had already comandeered his bed, we were entirely reluctant to take his pillow also! Another reason I was excited to visit Jason was that this was the first opportunity on this rumbling stumbling road trip that Amie and I could break out our super lightweight, 10 degree-rated REI sleeping bags that we had gotten as wedding presents. Exhausted from the full day's drive, cozy in my sleeping bag, and without pillow I quickly drifted toward sleep. About an hour into my wonderful slumber, Amie awakens me with an ingenious idea. "Let's roll up one of the sleeping bags to use as a pillow, and we'll sleep nice and toasty in the other sleeping bag"! Being mostly groggy from having been stirred from my peaceful rest, I unwittingly agreed and made the necessary accommodations. At 3:30 AM in the morning, I woke up in the dark shivering to neither pillow nor sleeping bag! Amie had rolled to the other side of the bed with pillow and sleeping bag! I was freezing and tried to readjust, but Amie had cocooned herself into both sleeping bags! In vain, I tried to reclaim any of the covers and got just enough not to freeze to death while being able to fall asleep. The first thing next morning, we went shopping for two pillows as housewarming gifts for Jason.


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