Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Ice" Tamales and "Extra Long" Twizzlers

Amie recently posted that she saved approximately $115.00 in purchasing cold & flu medicines at Rite-Aid. In my opinion, this is only a little bit better than a poke in the eye. You would think that Amie and her Maine friends struck gold on their little morning shopping trip. Coordinating the evening before with her friends, waking up early Sunday morning to beat the post-church Rite Aid crowd, and then finally divvying the merchandise was the scene that awaited me upon waking up late Sunday morning. Who gets excited over this stuff? Amongst the numerous items in the bag of goodies was a bottle of Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray, a box of Sucrets Complete Cough Drops, and then the big daddy of them all -- the grand prize of the cold & flu season treasure hunt -- the Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit -- "A Soothing Sinus Wash"! I deeply ponder as to why Amie did not trade this last gem away? Now I know why so many us (men in particular) refuse to acknowledge when they are sick. We are armed with the knowledge that the Chloraseptic Spray and Ayr Nasal Rinse Kit are imminently made available if we were to falter just a bit to the winter season. Having this stuff around certainly works as preventative medicine as I refuse to get sick this year! (I might have the Sucrets, however, as they are like candy).

Without any doubt, I am the undisputed treasure-hunting champion in our family. My acquisitions are odd in nature and cannot be found in your corner Rite-Aid store. Though I did not find initial success with the Chocolate Skittles, I was able to unearth 2 fine discoveries in the Marden's Surplus & Salvage candy aisle -- "Ice" Hot Tamales and "Extra Long" Twizzlers.

That is 9.5 oz for $0.25 per box!

The "Ice" Hot Tamales were actually not hot in the cinnamon, traditional Hot Tamale sort of way, but rather, in a chewy mint flavor. Similar to the Chocolate Skittles, I was initially surprised by the chewy mint flavor, but unlike the Chocolate Skittles, I quickly came to enjoy the burst of mint flavor in my mouth. I could certainly sneak this 9.5 oz box into the movie theater and enjoy every single last tamale before the end of the movie.

18-inches per strand @ $2.99 per bag!

I am most proud of the "Extra Long" Strawberry Twizzlers. The bag weighs in at 3 lbs, and each Twizzler Strand is 18 inches long! I actually took the tape measure to them! Regular Twizzlers are already fun to eat and delicious, but these extra long twizzlers inspire the child's imagination. It's what you would expect to run into at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I haven't eaten one yet as they are quite daunting. I would venture to guess that each strand is nearly equivalent to a whole meal, and Amie won't let me substitue one for a meal. I might have to wait when she's sleeping or out with her friends shopping at Rite-Aid. I really can't just eat half a strand as that would defeat the spirit of buying the Extra Long Twizzlers. Also, I'm wrestling with the challenge of keeping them fresh after opening the bag. Not many of us have 18-inch+ sandwich bags just laying around, and I'm certainly not going to allow them to go stale. Nevertheless, I love the idea that Hershey Company actually made a 3lb bag of 18-inch long Twizzlers!


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