Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hung's Take On Potbelly

I could not help but become a fan of Potbelly (see photos below). For starters, how could you not like a name like "Potbelly"? The name certainly does conjure up a satiated feeling for the hungry traveler. Each of the menu's signature sandwiches seemed very tasty and were priced at a value-oriented $4.19! However, we settled on the "A Wreck". How could we not choose the "A Wreck" when we were at a restaurant named Potbelly -- a combination that seemed to have an inherent cosmic logic to me. Not surprisingly, it was delicious. We definitely have to leave D.C. now as too many of these "Wrecks" will most certainly endow me with a Potbelly! We are now Nyack, NY-bound!


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