Friday, October 24, 2008

The First 1000 Clicks To Rumbling Stumbling

At Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA

Amie and I  have been on the road for only 3 weeks and have been blessed with so many of our family and friends keeping in touch with us via phone, email, and the blog. At sometime on Thursday, October 23 we received or 1000th visitor onto the website! Amie and I find life on the road to be challenging, wonderous, humorous, and exhausting. Sometimes at the end of the day, we just want to lay our heads to rest, but we so much appreciate everyone's encouragement and support. Though there is a general plan as to our schedule for each day, we've found that so many of our most enriching experiences have been of the serendipitous variety such as our discovery of the Chocolate Skittles, Ipswich Farms, and our lunch at White Castle! They're the topic of the next several blog entries.

We're headed to Europe for the month of November and have yet to plan our full itinerary. If you have any recommendations of favorite historical sites, natural wonders, and of course, tasty restaurants, please let us know. We land in Frankfurt, Germany in early November!

Thank you so much,

-- hnb


Carol said...

Yahoo! Have an awesome time in Europe! Dennis and I miss you guys and can't WAIT to finally see you! Did you save me any of those chocolate skittles, by the way?

Amie & Hung Bui said...

Carol, we have saved a box of chocolate skittles for you only if you want it!