Monday, October 27, 2008

Chocolate Mix Skittles!?!

My gosh, did you know that Mars makes a Chocolate Mix Skittles?

Amie and her mother had planned a nature walk in Mt. Katahdin for the day. As they had scheduled to depart at 5:00 am, I cited their need to have some exclusive quality time together so I "volunteered" to remain comfortably sleeping in bed. After awakening at my leisure and having breakfast at Raymond's Diner, I had planned a little excursion to Marden's Surplus & Salvage! How could you not love a store that claims that "they are willing to buy anything that they don't have to feed"? "I should have bought it, when I saw it at Marden's" is their catchy little jingle. According to their website, "The real beauty of our company is from week to week even our buyers don't know exactly what is coming in or how fast it will sell." Over the years, I have found such great deals as Columbia Hiking Pants for $10, goose down feather pillows for $5 each, and a big blue lobster pot for $6. Marden's is definitely a "rumbling, stumbling" sort of place as you never know what you're going to come upon. I suppose that is the thrill of Marden's. If you always knew you were going to come away with something, then the shopping would probably lose some of it's lustre. However, every now and then, you love finding that great bargain.

I was immediately drawn to the Chocolate Mix Skittles in the candy aisle. I had not even known that Mars made a chocolate variety of Skittles. I have fond childhood memories of those fruity and sour traditional skittles. My initial reaction was hesitation but at $0.69 for a big 4 oz box, I believed that I was getting a bargain. I should follow my gut reaction more often. My gosh, those Chocolate Skittles just made me gag and want to throw-up those bite size flavors of brownie batter, chocolate pudding, chocolate caramel, s'mores, and vanilla! I could not believe how awful they tasted. My next thought was to just throw them all away. However, I wanted to be open-minded and fair. I considered that my expectations were possibly biased. I had an expectation for chocolate and a very different expectation for Skittles. The chocolate flavor combined with the chewy texture just seemed unnaturally odd at first tasting. So I endeavored to try once again without any preconceived notion of a Chocolate Skittle. I had willed mind and taste buds to savor those blend of flavors...

I could not savor them for more than a millisecond as I can honestly convey that their flavors did not improve a single iota. Though I gagged and convulsed a bit, I managed to swallow what I know to be my very last bite of Chocolate Skittles ever.

I had to learn how these Chocolate Skittles ever came to market. I'm sure that every new candy for Mars Snackfoods undergoes extensive initial marketing tests so I wanted to see what my Google search would turn up. There is actually quite a detailed review at Not surprisingly, there are quite varying opinions. There are quite a few positive comments, but the following are a few of my favorites,

"Chocolate Skittles are like Fear Factor in a bag" - Megan

"I hate these things. I am the kind of guy who buys a bag a candy and does not stop until I am done with all of it. Not the case with these absolutely aweful things. They are still in my office drawer and I do not plan on eating more of these any time soon. The person who came up with this idea should be fired for damaging the reputation of skittles." - Wil

"I'm not gonna lie but this product does not taste good at all. I think that the producers are going to lose a lot of money because nobody is gonna buy this product once they try it. I am no expert here but Im just throwing it out there: “this is the worst product they have ever made”. Stick with the regular or tropical because they are great tasting and dont waste your money on the chocolate ones, you are just going to regret that you bought these." - Andre

Chocolate Skittle were actually introduced at the All Candy Expo in 2007 and to the best of my knowledge, the remaining boxes are all making there way to all of the 14 Marden's locations in Maine. If any of the readers are genuinely interested in enjoying a box of Chocolate Mix Skittles, please drop Amie and I a note. We'll place an order with her parents and do our best to accomodate the first 20 responses. Needless to say, "quantities may be limited depending upon availability".

I'm heading down the next aisle and now spy Ice Hot Tamales and foot-long Twizzlers...

-- hnb


Ken said...

You will be happy to know that MARS Snackfood has decided to discontinue the Skittles Chocolate Mix. Be on the lookout for Skittles Crazy Cores...replacing the Skittles Chocolate Mix.

Renee A said...

I am not sure why MARS feels the need to mess with perfection, but curiosity got the best of me and I researched the concept for Skittles Crazy Cores. As a purist, I just don't get it. I do not eat Skittles just one at a time anyway, so I am already experiencing more than one "amazing flavor" at once. But for others who are interested, here is the URL to a site that is devoted to candy products around the world. Enjoy!