Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bargains we'll actually use

Yesterday, Hung told you about his bargain shopping palooza at Marden's. While we were in Maine, I also had a chance to snag some fab deals. It all started when I saw my cousin Holly. She knows that I love coupons, rebates, and freebies, so when she saw me on Saturday morning she started waving the Rite Aid weekly circular at me--it had two full pages of FREE AFTER REBATE ITEMS. I instantly started planning my attack. Of course, I started telling everyone I saw about the $144 of free merchandise at Rite Aid--I couldn't hog all the good fortune! So on Sunday morning, I hit Rite Aid with my friends, Kim and Meghann.

I ended up spending $121.39 after tax and have requested a check for $115.56. Rebates do not reimburse for the tax paid. So what did I buy? Advil, cough syrup, chapstick, cough drops, etc. I pretty much filled our "medicine cabinet bin" in the mini van. Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll be needing some of these freebies during our trip.

Check out all this free stuff!

Some background on Rite Aid's rebate program; each week Rite Aid releases a circular with sale and rebate deals. Their program is called Single Check Rebates. I really like this program because it is easy. You buy the stuff, come home from the store, enter information from your receipt at Rite Aid's website (store number, register number, transaction number and transaction date--they show you on the web site where this info is located on the receipt), and after you've finished shopping for rebates each month you hit a button and request your check. About three weeks later a check arrives in the mail. EASY!

New deals pop up all the time. The deals below are from this week's circular--good until Saturday at midnight! Happy saving.

If you are looking for hints on shopping at Rite Aid check out the website: www.iheartriteaid.com


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