Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn In Maine

Amie and I have been in her hometown of Lee, Maine since last Friday. We are staying at her grandfather’s cabin and are greeted each day with the serene, graceful waters of Silver Lake. Though in this day and age we are never too far from television, internet, and these wild & crazy markets, those happenings reside appropriately distant. Yeserday, Amie’s father guided us to the top of Almanac Mountain where we greeted with the glory of the autumnal season. Across all of the landscape were the brightest yellows, appealing oranges, and fiery reds covering the leaves as they reached toward the furthest horizon. We had been on this journey for two weeks, had driven a thousand plus miles, and had crested Almanac Mountain to witness the rapidly turning foliage of Maine’s autumn – we were where we should be.



Andrea said...

Beautiful photos!

Amie & Hung Bui said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for checking on us. We are having a great time up here in Maine.

Andrea Q said...

Hello! I am a childhood friend of Amie's...Andrea. My mother used to babysit her when she was a little girl. I would love to catch up with Amie when she has a minute. I can be reached at andrea.quenneville@gmail.com

Your photos are beautiful...I hope you enjoyed your stay in Maine!

Carol said...

I LOVE this picture of you guys...beautiful. :)