Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Leap

I imagine rumbling, stumbling, and even bumbling through the next
yet-to-be known 365 days. For a year in the life, Amie and I are
embarking on the "grand adventure" that I have dreamed for so long.
Amie and I only exchanged our wedding vows for a little over a year,
but for as long as we have been together, she has known and been the
confidante to my musings and unwillingness to abandon this lingering
wanderlust to see the world in one uninterrupted, continuous stretch
of time. "Amie, I know we are working to build our careers, to start a
family, and to secure our retirement, but I know myself - I'll be a
curmudgeon when I'm retired and old. I'll want to curl on the couch in
the study, read my books with an ice-chilled glass of coca-cola just
waiting for my thirst, and NOT HAVE ANYONE BOTHER ME! But right now,
with willing heart and able legs, I want drive the highways and
byways, hike trails on the Blue Ridge, Appalachia, and Pacific Coast,
sail the deep blue oceans as the chilled air gives rise to goosebumps,
and traverse the continents waking up to new countries and new
languages". As I passed through my twenties and now evolve in my
mid-30's, the desire and pull has always been there -- I did not
simply wake-up one morning and wanted to travel. Some of us feel that
magical warmth of existence of bearing witness to the first glimpse of
sunrise in the US from Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Isle, of the
baptism-like swim underneath the Hanakapi'ai Falls, and of the deep,
humbling gratitude to those honored on the cliffs high above Omaha
Beach, or of any pilgrimage of discovery. Some of us have traveling in
our hearts and souls.

The truth and reality is that I would not even be excitedly laying out
my clothes and travel gear without Amie's insight into our lives and
how it will unfold. Despite knowing that this was the one thing that I
most wanted to do in life right now and knowing that the dream could
just simply be realized, I question my courage to resign from the job,
to give up a steady salary, to walk away from the comfortable domestic
life, and to not have any promise of a job when the travels are done.
I stood before that decision precipice for quite a few days and
restless nights possibly waiting for the sign or hesitant from an
unacknowledged fear. While I dreamed to existence this adventure,
Amie's dream is for "us" to work – to live a long and happy life
together. She worries I would in my later years regret of never having
seized the opportunity – that I would look back and be disappointed in
myself – that I had not chosen wisely but with fear. I do not have
insight or understanding of who I will be as a consequence of the
decisions I make today. I strive to make the most of this day and hope
that in the future I am not looking back on the decisions that I did
or did not make. However, I do have a sneaking suspicion that Amie's
discovery is truth to a palpable level. The chasm would only ever
darken, widen and deepen as days passed as I bore witness to them.
Amie grabbed my hand, closed her eyes, and we leaped .

Amie resigned from her job on as a leveraged loan analyst on April
25th, I resigned from my job as a bond portfolio manager on August
11th, and we have been researching and planning for a little over a
month. We leave the comfortable confines of our home in Charlotte,
North Carolina on September 29th.

First stop – our nation's capital Washington D.C.



Alyssa said...

Hi there!

I am Alyssa from Cruise Critic! I am just drooling with anticipation! I am honored you're starting your journey on my birthday! I will follow your travels and we'll have tons to talk about on our cruise!!

Happy Travels!

Hopeless said...

Hey there!

I am so excited for you both that I have goosebumps. I am sooo serious! I read your introduction and looked at your pictures and I just felt this 'thrill'. Your pictures show such fun and warmth and I can only imagine that this will be a true adventure for you. I would love to see the world, but I suspect that you will have far more fun doing it than I would. Have a wonderful time, and please be faithful in keeping up your blog... it will be so much fun for your friends, family and your 'new friends' on Cruise Critic to keep up with you!

Tammiko said...

Good Lord, I have no idea how I became 'hopeless'! I am Tammiko from Cruise Critic. I hope it is fixed... if not, that is who the last comment is. Sorry!

Carol said...

The Lit!! and my beautiful Amie! Happy travels and you'd better come our way and visit me and D,or you're in trouble. You have about 300 days to make it happen. :)Seriously, we couldn't be happier for you guys in this really beautiful season of you life. Carpe Diem, right Hung?houston