Monday, September 29, 2008

Day One

This morning we woke up and shuttled the mountain of boxes from our front hall down to the van. The cargo area is packed full, but the middle seat area is still open. I was shocked to see to space remaining; it felt like we were packing up our entire house. I wonder how much of this "stuff" we'll actually use!

Starting a cross-country road trip in the middle of a regional gas shortage put me in a minor panic state. But like a true hunter-gatherer, Hung went out yesterday and foraged.

Upon arriving at Costco's gas station, he waited patiently in a nice orderly line, pulled up to the pump when it was his turn and started filling the tank. When he got close to fifteen gallons the gas started sputtering and spitting. Someone at a neighboring pump yelled, "IT'S RUNNING OUT". Hung managed to eek out another quarter gallon before the station was once again completely dry. When he got back in the van, the indicator showed a gas tank just shy of full--phew. If we didn't find gas, the first stop in our world tour was about to become a walking tour of Charlotte.

So this morning finds me both excited and nervous. While I am incredibly excited about the places we will see and the people we will meet, I worry about the unknown parts of the trip. The sections of the our calendar that we purposely left blank, stare back at me like the gaps in a jack o' lantern's grin. You see in this relationship, Hung has the "come-what-may, devil-may-care" attitude while I like to have the days neatly outlined in an excel spreadsheet. Before other trips, I'd spend countless hours reading trip advisor and travel blogs, perusing the travel aisle at the bookstore and talking to friends. This trip is too big for that level of detail. Besides we are trying to avoid rigid schedules. This trip is about freedom and flexibility. If we love where we are--we'll stay. If we don't--zoom and we're off.

When I think about the give and take between our personalities, I am once again reminded of how lucky I am to be part of this team. I have a partner in this journey that is different from me but that is ok because it gives us wonderful balance.



Topolino said...

Oh how exciting! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to read all about it. Hugs and kisses to both of you!

Love, mz

Amie & Hung Bui said...

we will be stopping at your house in a couple weeks!!