Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Blog's Title

(Tee...Hee...) in a recent posting, Amie expressed the pleasure of traveling down the highway at 65 mph to Washington D.C. She must have dozed off for a period of time because the trip-o-meter on our Garmin reveals that I got the mini-van up to quite a bit over that speed limit ;-) My heart knows that this not your ordinary roadtrip. For most of us, our trips are of the extended weekend variety or if we are fortunate, a vacation of a week or two duration. And despite our very best efforts to cram in as much as possible, we wish for more time. What made this morning's turning down of the lights, locking of the door, and ignition of engine so very different was that we have been so blessed to know that our return home this go round would not be compelled by an arbitrary measurement of time -- but rather only after the meandering of thousands of miles, the summit of mountains, and the traversing of oceans, will the direction of our path lead us back home-- in due time. I beseech the forgiveness that is my child's heart pushing a bit heavily on the gas pedal.

There is certainly satisfaction from executing a well-laid plan, but the results are pure magic when you are able to successfully navigate through a situation when when all has gone awry. If you were to watch a football game or even just the highlights of a football game, the sports fans' respect the well-executed play that results in a touchdown, but we truly celebrate the play that has developed not according by design -- the play in which a singular individual has to improvise -- he Rumbles, he Stumbles, and he even Bumbles -- but amazingly he breaks loose from the 11 opposing, pursuing players and makes his way to the endzone -- Touchdown! We can write the script and plan all the details of our life and no matter how hard we prepare; life will most assuredly not fully cooperate, and every now and then, throw us for a loop. Amie and I will just have to Rumble & Stumble & even Bumble our way through.


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